Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apple iPad Solar Charger

I know more and more people already have in their hand the coolest gadget in the world right now (i.e Apple iPad). I myself still waiting for mine to be shipped to my house. I've checked with Apple yesterday to know the status of my order. They say it may takes more than 3 week as mine is way back there on the order list...

Hahaha... I ordered it just couple of month ago. That's why mine is on the back of the order list...

Well ... the much awaited gadget I think need a sidekick. I think the best sidekick right now is a Solar Charger. Maybe Apple could done it by themselves or they use a third party (OEM) to product Solar Charger for them.

Apple iPad can be operated more than 6 hours if carefully handle, but for those people on the more (i.e camping or traveling) the use of solar charger is a must whereby they could not easily get their hand on the power source.

The solar charger for Apple iPad should not cost more than 50 bucks as it can be bought by every Apple iPad owner. This will bring Apple iPad to a limitless usage and therefore will became the most useful inventory for student, sales and marketing executive, lecturer and others.

Monday, April 5, 2010

LED Monitor

LCD is now began to fade away as new technology now emerged to takeover their spot. LCD is now started to being replaced by LED technology. Few years back I see CRT dominated most of the home and office computer for almost 15 years. After that LCD has taken the spot. Now LED were started to became a norm in business computing segment as more and more user taken seriously to replace their new LCD with much newer LED.
MEDL Technology intends to change the way we do things with their device which is simply known as ‘The Panel’, where it boasts of being the first fully functional, portable LED monitor in the world. This multi-purpose, LED display will target both the business and consumer audiences by virtue of being the very first portable 13″ display. It definitely won’t weigh you down on your travels, since it is rougly the equivalent or lighter than current generation netbooks at 2.2 lbs., and is equally at home for work as well as play.

It is battery-operated, so you can basically bring it with you virtually anywhere for an impromptu presentation in any location. It plays nice with both Mac OS and Windows operating systems, and will stay connected to your computer via USB, booting up in under 10 seconds. Features include WXGA resolution and a five-hour battery life.

Apple iPad Sales

Wow ... Steve Jobs tend to lead the market of a new gadget. I know from the day one Apple planned to introduced Apple iPad to the market, the sales for this new gadget by Apple could superseded any other product within a few days of open sale.

Apple iPad reach it 300 thousand sales is within the market researcher prediction. I'm sure Apple will try to produce more and delivered it on time to all their customer/buyer out there. Apple also announced that over one million apps were downloaded by iPad users from Apple’s App Store.

The market for software application, tools, accessories and others related to Apple iPad should also became big as more and more people tend to get this product in hand. The big downstream business Apple has created could nourish all the independent software developer to develop more to support Apple iPad.

Apple should start to create another version of Apple iPad which includes extended battery life and more lightweight. Apple should also create a entry level model (under $199 or $299) for the sake of student need which indeed could also became their e-book reader to overcome heavy bags full of thick books.